Nicole Sanderson is a fashion and food photographer who began her photography business in 2015. She fell in love with her new Nikon D850 camera and began photographing family and friends. She quickly discovered her love for portrait and food photography. With arguably the best camera in the industry today, Nicole consistently captures beautiful, clear, and impressive images. Being skilled in color grading and photoshop, Nicole has created incredible content for Vogue, Lucy Choi London, Giorgios Hospitality Group, and other major companies. Some of her other clients include:

Waterstone Mortgage


ThinkHart Solutions

MacGregor Downs

Elle Alexander Design

Little Noah, Inc.

Housewives in the City

Penguin Chefs 

everyBODY Gym

The Wedding Hall & Gardens at Landmark

Rose Hill Plantation

Riddle & Brantley


US Radiology

Lucy Choi London

Lucy Choi London, US

Parizade Restaurant

Giorgios Hospitality Group

Wingz Restaurants

Kereda Group Realty


Eric Giovan (Lumino Productions)

Capt'n Bill's Backyard